2004 Refresher course

This course is designed for officers who are already certified to administer Field Sobriety Tests. The course is a review class, and has all the updates. The manual/course was started in 2004, so it uses the language, clues, instructions, etc. from the 2004 Student Manual. NHTSA states the course provides information on updates on case law and research studies. But in reality, the Course teaches officers that many of the things they did in the past helped the driver, so now things are taught differently to get more DWI convictions.

Overall, the course is pretty much a watered-down version of the 2004 manual. One thing possibly of interest, is that in relation to the WAT, in deciding to terminate the test, the manual gives the officer discretion to terminate the test for: leg lock, nearly falling over, or stepping off the line 3 or more times[1]. This guidance is not in the 2004 Student manual.

[1]Id at Pg 21